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Tramite Group it is a global and private entity, with a consolidated clientele thanks to the company's thirty years of operation, which has remained under family and independent control.

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New challenge are always the basis of my days. I work to win them all.

Gianantonio Tramet

About us

Tramite is an aggregator of business services focused on product innovation and the development of its various companies. Founded by Gianantonio Tramet in 1993, it is a leading professional distribution and product innovation company. It has been operating for 27 years in the Food & Beverage and Non food world in most Italian and foreign distribution channels.

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The group's offers are always valid and studied by experts in the field, in order to achieve the maximum possibility of expansion of any type of business that the group may be involved in developing.

Our mission

Our mission is to create relations and values through the development of the best partnerships with the distribution in order to build together the strategies to reach the market with the perfect product, the perfect time and with profitable methodology.
Our strategic tools are:
►25 years of know - how ►Strategic ad hoc planning
►Best prices ►Selected suppliers ►Global distribution

Excellence Record

The summary of our company in 27 years in the Food & Beverage and Non food world in most Italian and foreign distribution channels.

Broad Range of Suppliers

We present a broad range of suppliers and we are a single point of contact for multiple lines of products that perfectly reflect Client's requests.

420 Milion Euros turnover

Our business has an annual turnover of 420 milion Euros.

+33 Team Experts

Our team is composed of 30 highly trained and experienced people with multilinguistic skills and 9 sales agents who help us to achieve our goals, delivering an optimum service to our clients


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Our Location Around The World

Highly Qualified Team

Our secret? Teamwork!

Gianantonio Tramet, our Founder and General Manager, leads, with a project oriented attitude, a 30 persons group based in Italy that daily support Tramite UK and Tramite North America operations.

Gianantonio Tramet Ceo and founder

Emanuela Gatto, supervise finacial operations of Tramite Group. Her 30 years in the field, gives her a matchless expertise that is foundamental to all Tramite success.

Emanuela Gatto Co-founder

Giulia after 5 years spent in NY to develop local activities of Tramite, has established InFoodLab, where she can maximize her huge experience in healthy and plant based food.

Giulia Tramet GM of InfoodLab

Since 2015 Alessandro have been travelling around the world to help developing in Tramite a worldwide top clients selections. His skills grant him a huge case history of success in developing projects of marketing and social media activities.

Alessandro Tramet Senior Board Member

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