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Who We Are

Tramite S.r.l. was founded in 1993 by Mr. Gianantonio Tramet. It is a leading Italian food-brokerage society with a branch in New York City, specialized in providing innovative private label products and distribution services to its clients. The company operates in the foreign markets (Austria, Germany, Belgium, Spain) and exports to USA, Canada, Australia and India.

 ►Our business has an annual turnover of 400 million Euros ($ 453 million USD)

 ►We represent more than 200 suppliers and we are a single point of contact for multiple lines of products that perfectly reflect Clients’ requests.

 ►Our Team is composed of 30 highly trained and experienced people with multilinguistic skills and 9 sales agents who help us to achieve our goals, delivering an optimum service to our clients.


Our mission is to create relations and values through the development of the best partnerships with the distribution in order to build together the strategies to reach the market with the perfect product, the perfect time and with profitable methodology.

Our strategic tools are:

►25 years of know - how      ►Strategic ad hoc planning      ►Best prices ►Selected suppliers              ►Global distribution


► We constantly monitorate market trends using innovative and technological resources.

► We use the advice of the best experts in the sector from food technologists to specialized universities with research laboratories.

► We analyze the needs of the distributors in order to enter undercovered segments and to seize new business opportunities.

► We check and study market opportunities and we respond to the real requests of buyers thanks to a targeted planning, developed in synergy with our suppliers.

► We carefully select the manufacturers ensuring quality of the products and always adapting to our standards customers and verifying the financial stability of our suppliers.

► We give immediate answers to customer’s input respecting the required timing.

Channels & Services

We operate in the main distribuition channels:
►Supermarket chains & Ipermarkets

►Discounts & Department Store


►Cooperatives & Small grocery stores

Our National Clients

Our International Clients

Private Label

Tramite is one of the leading companies in Italy in the development of private brands. A very strong strategic tool that gives value to customers, increases their margin and helps global producers and retailers to differentiate themselves from the competition.

► Market Analysis

► Competitors’ Analysis

► Analysis of the shelf and of the segment

► Specific and costumized proposal for the supermarket

► Develop of the packaging and intagrated communication studies with the specific target of the supermarket

Case History Private Label

Here an example of Product Private Label

Case History Premium Label

Here an example of Product Premium Label

Case History First Price

Here an example of Product First Price

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