Food R&D - Quality Control

We develop branding projects and produce ideas for FMCG, both in food and non-food. From category analysis and shelf study we develop the product concept, giving life to the Brand. We take care of all the steps to create the value of the product: from naming, graphics, packaging, promotional and communication tools.

Tramite and InfoodLab


In order to meet the needs of the market and expand its product range through innovation and development to improve the quality of food products.

InfoodLab is a creative-innovative center that realizes food concepts and food prototypes analyzing data and trends in consumer goods worldwide. It is a center of prototyping and development of high quality foddstuffs that makes use of innovative technological processes.

The company has two main goals :
1. Improving the quality of food, focusing on the health of consumers;
2. Create innovative, healthy, functional and quality nutraceutical food 6 beverage products.


Tramite and InfoodLab researches and selects italian excellences:

Wellny is a brand that aligns with the values of Italians, proposing products that support:
► a healthy diet;
► a lifestyle based on the concept of well-being;
► environmental sustainability;
► Italian quality and tradition revisited through technological innovation.


Tramite researches amd selects italian excellences:

Antibiotics free products.
Thanks to a different approach in breeding, we look at the animals a comfortable environment and a balanced diet. The latter, in fact, are provided in isolated small lots and are fed only non GMO vegetable feeds, rich in probiotics, without traces of proteins and fats.

Business consulting service

A consulting service for the prototyping of new products and/or the modification of products in portfolios according to the business needs. Our solutions ensure the 360 ° structuring of projects from scratch, with reference to the COMPOSITION-STRUCTURE-PROCESS of the product, to the organoleptic aspects, and, more generally, to the usable CLAIM products (eg free from, biological, without sugar etc.).

Why request a consultation

The enhancement of raw materials allows the creation of new products that today create a business advantage not only for its customers but also for the final consumer, highlighting its brand through innovation and diversification from competitors. Outsourcing the R&D makes it possible to have certain and measurable costs over time, moreover it guarantees an immediate response over time, remaining in line with the new and future market trends.

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